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Kiosk/Computer Conversion to LiftAmerica

Through a series of upgrades, your kiosk has accessed the new LiftAmerica site as a replacement for the defunct program. LiftAmerica will function exactly as the previous site and contains all the same schools, classes, records, data and HIPAA compliance safeguards. You should experience a seamless transition to the new system with no noticeable alteration in your fitness data routine.

Because the Internet, network and computer systems in schools vary from one to another, you may or may not see pop-up screens as the LiftAmerica system works through its conversion. The outline below will help you navigate those screens, if the need should arise.

< Java Loading - no input required
< BlueStep Technologies - no input required
< Sun Microsystems Security Warning - Click Yes
< Sun Microsystems License Agreement - Click Yes
< Sun Microsystems Installer - Click Yes
< J2SE Installer - wait for completion
< Java Security Warning - Click Always (preferable) or Start 
< Desktop Integration - Click Yes

If the LiftAmerica main screen does not automatically appear, double-click the LiftAmerica icon located on the desktop screen. As above, with any subsequent pop-up screen, reply Yes to each.

Scale and BIA Failure Messages

Additionally, a few schools have computer configurations that require extra help to bring the scale and sensors online. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Click the Admin button and login using your school’s administrator username and password. The username generally combines the school name and "admin", such as clearpointhighadmin. The password was most likely modified by the school administrator.
2) Click the General Tools button.
3) Click Restart Kiosk button.

The system should automatically resolve all issues. Depending upon your school's configuration, you may need to click Yes to some security and download pop-up screens, as described above.